1998 Volvo WX

25 Yard Leach Packer


1998 Volvo WX with a 25 Yard Leach Packer for sale at Tom’s Truck Sales

  • Cart Tipper
  • Winch
Stock #: 5647
Condition: Used
Year: 1998
Make: Volvo
Model: WX
Body Make: Leach
Body Capacity: 25 Yard
Truck Type: Garbage Trucks For Sale
Rearload Trucks: Rear Loader For Sale
Body Type: 25 YD Rear Loaders For Sale
Engine Make: Cummins
HP: 300
Transmission Speed: Allison HT 750
Front Axle: 18,000
Rear Axle: 46,000
Price: $34,900
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